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College of Engineering | August 5, 2023

Emerging Engineers Class of 2023 Eric Rosales's Inspiring Journey Through Engineering

Eric Rosales Inspiring Journey Through Engineering


In a remarkable journey that began with uncertainty and curiosity, Eric Rosales has emerged as an outstanding example of perseverance and achievement. A graduate of the Master of Science in Manufacturing Engineering program, Rosales's story is one of determination, cultural exchange, and a relentless pursuit of knowledge.

Born in Mexico, Rosales's journey into the field of engineering took an unconventional route. Following his high school graduation, he set his sights on the United States and enrolled in the English Fast Track program at El Paso Community College (EPCC). With the goal of acquiring a second language and exploring into his passions before making a career choice, Rosales's path unfolded uniquely. His natural aptitude for mathematics and physics, coupled with curiosity about the mechanics of the world around him, ultimately guided him toward the realm of engineering.

Rosales's academic pursuits continued at UTEP, where he earned his Batchelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 2017. However, his hunger for learning knew no bounds. This drive led him to undertake a master’s degree in manufacturing engineering, a journey he proudly concluded this past May. Looking back on his path, Rosales shared, "To be honest, I never set out to become an engineer, let alone pursue a master's degree in engineering. Studying in a different country was far from my initial plans as well. It's funny how everything unfolded as a gradual process."

During his time at UTEP, Rosales's dedication to learning was further exemplified by his involvement with the Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center. Working closely under the supervision of Dr. Amit Lopes, Rosales improved his skills in leadership, product design, problem-solving, 3D Computer-Aided Design (3D CAD), teamwork, manufacturing, Autodesk Fusion 360, and 3D printing.

The College of Engineering not only provided Rosales with a world-class education but also opened doors to a global perspective through cultural exchange. Meeting people from around the world expanded his vision and instilled in him the belief that anything is possible with hard work and determination. "UTEP has given me unique experiences and the confidence to set my goals as high as the sky," Rosales shared.

As a proud graduate of UTEP, Rosales is now embarking on a new chapter as a Manufacturing Engineer participating in the Schneider Development Program. This program will afford him the opportunity to rotate through three distinct roles at three different facilities, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of the industry. Rosales's short-term goal is to absorb as much experience as possible, with aspirations of assuming a managerial position at the end of the program. Looking further ahead, he envisions using his industry insights to contribute innovative solutions and potentially establish his own business.

Rosales's journey from uncertainty to success serves as an inspiration to aspiring engineers and individuals facing crossroads in their lives. His story highlights the power of determination, the importance of embracing challenges, and the boundless opportunities that education and self-belief can unlock.

As the Emerging Engineers Class of 2023 series continues, Eric Rosales's story will undoubtedly remain an inspiration and motivation for future generations of engineers and dreamers.

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