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College of Engineering | September 7, 2023

Ivonne Santiago A Woman of Impact

Ivonne Santiago A Woman of Impact


With immense admiration, the Department of Civil Engineering at The University of Texas at El Paso proudly announces the recognition of Associate Professor Ivonne Santiago, Ph.D., being named distinguished recipient of the 2023 Women of Impact Award. This prestigious accolade presented by WestStar through El Paso Inc., celebrates the accomplishments of exceptional women who have made a significant impact on the local community through their dedicated efforts, extensive involvement, diverse projects, and remarkable professional achievements. Santiago has diligently cultivated her career to embody the very essence of this esteemed award.

Dr. Santiago's journey is one characterized by a deep commitment to her field, a passion for positive change, and an unwavering dedication to the betterment of society. As a licensed Professional Engineer in both Texas and New Mexico and holding the role of Chair of El Paso Water's Public Service Board, she has made monumental advancements in the fields of environmental and water engineering. Her profound belief in engineering as a service to humanity has led to tangible improvements in the quality of life and serves as a resounding inspiration to others.

"Dr. Santiago's dedication to her field and community is truly inspiring. Her impact resonates not only through her accomplishments but also through her unwavering commitment to student mentorship," remarks Kenith Meissner, Ph.D., Dean of College of Engineering. This quote from Dean Meissner reflects the profound influence that Dr. Santiago wields as an educator, molding the next generation of engineers with a solid emphasis on social responsibility and community engagement.

As a dedicated professor in our department, she strives to nurture and guide the next generation of socially and environmentally conscious engineers, fostering a commitment to the betterment of El Paso. Beyond her local impact, Santiago extends her influence by co-directing the Advancing Sustainability through Powered Infrastructure for Roadway Electrification (ASPIRE) initiative.

“I’m honored to be among these remarkable women who contribute so much for our community. My actions are driven by a belief in our community’s potential, without anticipation of recognitions or awards. Nevertheless, I am extremely grateful to El Paso Inc., the distinguished women who have been acknowledged before, and the members of the selection committee for this recognition. This has made me realize that my efforts are making a modest difference in El Paso, and it propels me to keep going,” Santiago expressed.

The accolade will be bestowed upon her during the El Paso Inc. Women of Impact awards breakfast set to take place on October 19, 2023, at the Hotel Paso Del Norte. We invite you to join us in extending heartfelt congratulations to her for this truly impressive and well-deserved recognition. Congratulations, Dr. Santiago! We are filled with pride for your incredible achievements!

Photo courtesy of Cosima Rangel from El Paso Inc.

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