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Anahy Diaz | February 17, 2021

Texas Instruments Incorporated Grants College of Engineering $12K in Scholarships to Support Students in Electrical Engineering

Texas Instruments Incorporated Grants College of Engineering 12K in Scholarships to Support Students in Electrical Engineering
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The College of Engineering at the University of Texas at El Paso was awarded $12,000 by Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) to help students achieve academic and research success.

The 2020-2021 academic funding is set to support the college’s Electrical and Computer Engineering department, including scholarships for sophomore and junior-level Electrical Engineering students.

For decades, TI has been a partner of the College of Engineering, recruiting several generations of students interested in pursuing employment at TI, establishing the TI Foundation Professorship in Electrical Engineering and the TI Foundation Endowed Scholarship, as well as partnering in the establishment of the Cleanroom facility at UTEP. Another important initiative is the TI Academy at UTEP, a program that helps students interested in Electrical and Computer Engineering acquire the fundamental knowledge needed for success in the industry.

“Texas Instruments is honored to provide scholarships to students in the College of Engineering,” said Chandler Elliott, TI’s university recruiting manager. “We recognize that attending an excellent university like UTEP to study engineering is no small feat, and managing expenses on top of your education can be challenging.”

The scholarship aims to aid students’ fundamental research, focused on the advancement of technology for the benefit of the public.

“Academic success is a precursor to career success, especially in engineering,” Elliott said. “While in school, you are building a foundation from which you will continue to grow and learn, both in college, and on the job in internship and eventually full-time opportunities. Everything you are learning to build that foundation now will only contribute to you being a stronger engineer in your career.”

TI plans to hold at least one review of the project during the funded academic year. “Our hope is that the recipients of this scholarship will feel less of a burden when pursuing their education, and continue on their path to success as an engineer,” Elliott said.

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