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College of Engineering | February 11, 2023

UTEP and Universidad Tecnológica de Camargo Sign MOU to Strengthen Academic Collaboration and Promote Exchange Programs

UTEP and UTCam Partner to Boost Academic Collaboration and Exchange Programs


The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) and Universidad Tecnológica de Camargo (UTCam) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to promote academic collaboration and exchange programs between the two institutions.

As part of this agreement, members of UTCam recently visited the College of Engineering at UTEP to strengthen ties with engineering faculty and explore potential collaborative opportunities. During their visit, the delegation from Universidad de Camargo met with faculty members and had the opportunity to discuss potential joint research projects, as well as opportunities for student and faculty exchanges.

College of Engineering associate dean of research and graduate studies, Professor Eric Macdonald, welcomed the delegation, stating that: “The MOU with Universidad de Camargo signifies an important step in UTEP's efforts to build partnerships with leading universities in Mexico. We are excited to work with our colleagues at Universidad Tecnológica de Camargo to promote academic collaboration and create new opportunities for our students and faculty," he said.

The visit is as a good step towards developing stronger connections between the two institutions, and both UTEP and UTCam showed eagerness to collaborate further in the future. "We are committed to fostering a strong and productive relationship with UTCam and look forward to exploring new opportunities for academic and cultural exchange," said Arturo Barrio, UTEP’s assistant vice president for International Relations.

This MOU demonstrates UTEP’s continued dedication to international engagement and collaboration. By building partnerships with universities and organizations around the world, UTEP seeks to create new opportunities for its students and faculty, and to continue addressing the challenges facing society today.

UTEP College of Engineering extends its sincerest thanks and appreciation to the members of UTCam delegation for their time, effort, and commitment to strengthening the partnership between the two institutions: Julio Huerta, President, Francisco Javier Ramírez, Assistant Director of Academic Affairs, Julieta Solís Tanner, Director of Finance and Administration and Carlos Aldana, Director of International Affairs.

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