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Student Printing

Our campus-wide student printing solution enables students to have the same printing capabilities in all of the participating student computer labs. Standardizing the printing process on campus provides a consistent, hassle-free experience when printing at computer labs, at the lowest rates possible. A monetary allotment is added to each student's personal print account, at no charge, at the beginning of each semester.

Print credits allotted per semester

Up to 3 Credit Hours:  $2.50 (minimum initial allotment)
4 to 12 Credit Hours:  $1.00 per credit hour for every hour over 3
13+ Credit Hours:  $2.00 per credit hour for every hour over 12

View your print credit balance


Print Charges

Print charges (see below) are deducted from your print semester allocation as you print until your allotment is exhausted. As long as you print using the participating labs and printers you will not pay for any printing until that time. The per page charges remain the same whether you are printing using your print semester allotment or have paid for additional print credits.

Printing costs per page

Black & White Double-sided: $0.04
Black & White Single-sided: $0.05
Color Double-sided: $0.24
Color Single-sided: $0.25
Poster Size Printing $5.00 per linear foot
(1 linear foot = 12" x 36")

Adding Print Credits

If you need more print credits, you can add funds to your Miner Bucks account using cash or credit.

* Unused print semester allotment will expire at the end of each semester

Add with Debit/Credit Card

Add with Cash

• Library 2nd floor next to the CLC help counter
• College of Health Science (Campbell) in ILC Room 109


Poster Printing

High-Quality Poster Size Prints
Our friendly staff can assist you when you're ready to send your image to the printer. Charges are made to your Miner Bucks print account.

$5 per Linear Foot
Start up to 36" wide, then it's $5 per linear ft. in length.

Two locations on campus:

Technology Support Center
UTEP Library Room 300
Phone: (915) 747-4357

Cyber Café Computer Lab
Union Building East Room 204
Phone: (915) 747-8800


Wireless Printing

UTEP Mobile Print

Send documents to UTEP printers from your personal laptop, phone, or tablet with UTEP Mobile Print.



Computer/Printing Labs

Campus Labs

This web page gives a comprehensive list of the computer labs across campus.

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Helpful Links

Print Appeals


UTEP Library Room 300  |  |  915-747-4357 (HELP)