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Computer Printing Labs

There are over 1400 computers located in 40 labs all over campus. Student technology fees have been used to have more computers available for study and research, make printing available in more places, and provide the standard and specialized software required for courses and research.

Open Access Labs - available to any student with a valid Miner user account
Classroom Labs - available for classroom use by instructors and their students
Hybrid Labs - available for classroom use, open-access when classes not in session
Restricted Labs - available to students in specific college, class, or program.



Building Lab Area Computers Printing Access
Academic Advising Center MAAC 2nd Floor Win/Mac B/W Restricted
Bell Hall 130 ACES Math Lab Win Hybrid
Chem & Comp Science 1.0410 Lab Win Classroom
1.0510 Lab Linux Restricted
1.0702 Lab Win B/W Restricted
1.0704 Lab Win B/W Restricted
1.0706 Lab Win B/W Classroom
CHS Campbell 109 ILC Lab Win B/W, Color Open
Classroom Bldg 101 ACES Lab Mac B/W Hybrid
110 TGS Student Center Win B/W Restricted
306 TACC Lab Win B/W, Color Open
310 Win B/W Restricted
324 Win B/W Restricted
COBA Chase Bldg 520 Grad Business Center Win B/W, Color Restricted
Cotton Memorial
300 Comm Lab Win B/W Restricted
Education Bldg
208 Lab Win B/W, Color Hybrid
211 Develop Math Win Restricted
215 Develop Math Win Restricted
308 Education Lab Win Restricted
312 EL3 Win/Mac Restricted
314A - Develop English Win Restricted
315 - Develop English Win Restricted
316 Develop Math Win Restricted
317 - Develop English Win Restricted
401 Education Lab Win/Mac Open
402 Education Lab Win Hybrid
403 Education Lab Win/Mac
Fox Fine Arts FFA-075 Mac Classroom
FFA-446 Music Win B/W Open
Graphic Design A Mac B/W, Color Restricted
Graphic Design B Mac B/W, Color Restricted
Geology 409 Geology Lab Win/Mac B/W Hybrid
Miner Heights Horizon Hall Win B/W Open
Larry K Durham 102 Bio Lab Win Restricted
Liberal Arts 4th Floor - LACIT Win/Mac B/W, Color Hybrid
403 TEKCOM Win B/W Classroom
Library 2nd Floor - CLC Lab Win/Mac B/W, Color Open
204 A - Print in CLC Win Classroom
204 B - Print in CLC Win Classroom
300 Technology Support Center Mac B/W, Color, Poster Open
336 - Print in 300 Mac Hybrid
Military Science 101 Cadet Lounge Win B/W Restricted
Physical Science 216 ACES Lab Win B/W, Color Hybrid
218 ACES Lab - Print in 216 Win Hybrid
Miner Village Summit Hall Win/Mac B/W Open
Miner Canyon Boquillas Hall Win B/W Restricted
Union East 204 Cyber Cafe Win/Mac B/W, Color, Poster Open
Union West 103 Career Services Mac B/W Open
211 SSSP Win/Mac B/W Restricted


Helpful Pages

Student Printing

Information on regular printing, printing from your device, and poster printing.

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UTEP Mobile Print

Send documents to UTEP printers from your personal laptop, phone, or tablet with UTEP Mobile Print.




Most labs have support staff present to assist students with any lab, software, or printing questions, and you can also contact us at Technology Support.

Phone: 915-747-4357 (HELP)


UTEP Library Room 300  |  |  915-747-4357 (HELP)