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SEPTEMBER 7th, 2018





New Features on My.UTEP

Students and faculty returning this Fall will notice a difference on the website. Various improvements have been made, from a new logo design, to a series of videos and convenient links to make UTEP resources more easily available. The Enterprise Computing team, led by Luis Hernandez, analyzed the responses of over 800 surveyed students. The survey included layout variations and changes to link categorizations. In addition, the team analyzed link utilization results. In addition, they conducted usability testing on over 180 students of various classifications. Interviews with lab assistants were completed which provided input on the student experience. The project was a massive undertaking that involved many different areas in Enterprise Computing (Software Development, Database Management, and System Support). Important links for UTEP students and faculty have been added to everyone's individual dashboard, and a new feedback button at the bottom of the page will allow users the opportunity to give suggestions for future updates.


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Online Exams With Blackboard

Biology Professor Dr. Rosas-Acosta is one of the first to implement new paperless testing into his classes by using Blackboard. Dr. Rosas-Acosta noticed that the use of Scantron sheets seemed out dated and tedious, so using online exams looked to be a better solution. Online exams have been around for years, but with Blackboards integration, faculty can now use a resource they are already using in the classroom. UTEP faculty can create online exams using the 'Create Exam' tool in Blackboard, or use Respondus 4 software to create or import an exam. Then faculty import the newly created exam into Blackboard and publish it for use. Students then install Respondus software on their laptops to block websites and browser use during the exam. Using online exams, faculty can implement random questioning, grade exams with no errors, and transfer grades in minutes. To learn how to use online exams in your classroom, visit the Blackboard For Faculty information website.

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MinerQuest And Curriculum Builder

The UTEP library is now offering a few new tools to help both students and faculty, MinerQuest, and Curriculum Builder. MinerQuest is a new all-in-one search tool located on the UTEP Library home page. With this tool, students can  search a variety of academic databases as well as the UTEP library catalog all at once. Search for books, journals, DVD's, and more. Students can also provide feedback on MinerQuest, through the link beneath the search box. Curriculum Builder is a new tool that allows faculty to add full-text reading links directly into Blackboard courses. This gives students easy access to what they need, and every click is recorded by the UTEP Library, ensuring the services most used by professors are renewed. To use MinerQuest, visit the library home page link below, and for more information on Curriculum Builder.




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UTEP Wireless Network

With the tremendous growth and use of mobile devices on campus, as well as other education and research computing systems used by our students, faculty, and staff, the University now generates upwards of 11 Terabytes of network traffic per day. In order to maintain this exponential growth of network resources, UTEP's wireless infrastructure has continued to expand, now covering over 90% of campus with high-quality Wi-Fi. There are three ways to connect to UTEP's Wi-Fi networks: UTEPSecure Wi-Fi is the preferred secure method to connect. Students, faculty, and staff can log in, and stay logged in for an entire year, while being able to use multiple devices. You may have also noticed the Eduroam connection. This wireless connection is for visiting faculty and students from around the world, whose universities belong to the Eduroam organization. (Eduroam is a consortium of educational and research institutions whom in partnership with Internet2, established a world-wide wireless network for public use.) And finally, users visiting the campus who don’t have UTEP login credentials, can request guest access thru the university’s Technical Support Helpdesk. For more information on UTEP Wi-Fi, visit our service catalog webpage below.


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Tech-E Team Wins Impact Award

UTEP's Tech-E Outreach Program team, led by Mike Pitcher, are this year's Campus Technology Impact Award winners in Teaching and Learning. Campus Technology is a leading online, digital magazine resource for IT departments in higher education. UTEP's Tech-E team was acknowledged for their Outreach Program, which focuses on technologies like 3D PrinterOS, Apple, Ozobot, Raspberry Pi, and Ultimaker. The Tech-E team, along with other 2018 Impact Award winners, will be included in the upcoming October/November issue with an in depth profile. Congratulations to the Tech-E team for maintaining UTEP's vision of access to excellence on a national/international stage.


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