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iClicker - Classroom Response System

A Classroom Response System (CRS) is a technology that enables instructors to ask questions, gather student responses, display those responses in real-time, even grade them if necessary. A CRS allows instructors to verify student comprehension of course materials at any time during a class or lecture. Students use their own mobile device (laptop, tablet, or smartphone) to submit their responses.

iClicker  is highly recommended for use in UTEP classrooms.


Basic Service

• Gauge prior student knowledge before covering new material
• Increase student engagement in the classroom
• Promote active learning
• Encourage student discussion
• Enhance the student learning experience
• Evaluate the effectiveness of teaching



Please contact the Help Desk prior to use of iClicker Cloud, if your classroom is not on the list, be sure you are teaching in a classroom with robust WiFi access.

Classroom List (CRS)
Best Practices


Software Installation
Create Account, Set Up a Course, Customize Settings
Quick Start Guide
Types of Available Questions
Blackboard Integration (Original Course View) New
Blackboard Integration (ULTRA Course View) New
View, Manage, Grade, and Export Session
iClicker Online Gradebook Overview New
Quick Tips New
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Using iClicker During a Lecture (UTEP Webinar)



Students can install the iClicker Student App to their mobile device, or log in to the iClicker website .

For use with Blackboard Original: Student Account Set-Up Instructions New

For use with Blackboard ULTRA: Student Account Set-Up Instructions New

For use without Blackboard: Student Account Set-Up Instructions



The iClicker is free to UTEP faculty and students using the mobile app or website, however,  the hand-held remote devices (the clickers) must be purchased separately. If you are an instructor who prefers to use the hand-held remote devices, please contact the UTEP Bookstore to order the clickers for your students ahead of time. Your students can then purchase them from the UTEP Bookstore.

Note : Students using hand-held remote devices will not be able to participate in target questions or short answer questions.


Contact us at Technology Support.

Phone: 915-747-4357 (HELP)


Vendor Resources

Register for Training
Active Learning Center
Knowledge Base
System Status


UTEP Library Room 300  |  |  915-747-4357 (HELP)