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Classroom Response System (iClicker)

A Classroom Response System (CRS) is a technology that enables instructors to ask questions, gather student responses, display those responses in real-time, even grade them if necessary. A CRS allows instructors to verify student comprehension of course materials at any time during a class or lecture. Students use their own mobile device (laptop, tablet, or smartphone) to submit their responses.

iClicker  is highly recommended for use in UTEP classrooms.


Basic Service

• Gauge prior student knowledge before covering new material
• Increase student engagement in the classroom
• Promote active learning
• Encourage student discussion
• Enhance the student learning experience
• Evaluate the effectiveness of teaching



Please contact the Help Desk prior to use of iClicker Cloud, if your classroom is not on the list, be sure you are teaching in a classroom with robust WiFi access.

Classroom List (CRS)
Best Practices


Software Installation
Create Account, Set Up a Course, Customize Settings
Quick Start Guide
Types of Available Questions New
Blackboard Integration
View, Manage, Grade, and Export Session
iClicker Online Gradebook Overview
Quick Tips
Syllabus Template
Using iClicker During a Lecture (UTEP Webinar) New



Students can install the iClicker REEF app to their mobile device, or log in to the iClicker website .

For use with Blackboard: Student Account Set-Up Instructions New

For use without Blackboard: Student Account Set-Up Instructions



The iClicker is free to UTEP faculty and students using the mobile app or website, however,  the hand-held remote devices (the clickers) must be purchased separately. If you are an instructor who prefers to use the hand-held remote devices, please contact the UTEP Bookstore to order the clickers for your students ahead of time. Your students can then purchase them from the UTEP Bookstore.

Note : Students using hand-held remote devices will not be able to participate in target questions or short answer questions.


Contact us at Technology Support.

Phone: 915-747-4357 (HELP)


Vendor Resources

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Active Learning Center
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System Status


UTEP Library Room 300  |  |  915-747-4357 (HELP)