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Remote Teaching

A Remote Teaching Plan has been created that will help you perform your teaching activities remotely. The following information provides an overview on how to use Blackboard and other instructional technologies to communicate with students individually or as a group, deliver lectures, provide course materials, develop student interactions, collect assignments, and perform assessments. It is of utmost importance that you report any technology related problem or issue. This will ensure that we are aware of the technology issues across campus and will focus on resolving them. For any questions or issues with instructional technologies, including Blackboard, please contact Technology Support.


Getting Started With Blackboard

Blackboard is ready to be used in all classes. "Course Shells" are automatically available for all faculty at the beginning of each semester. To begin using Blackboard, log in at .

Go to and log in.

Click on the Blackboard icon.

Click Courses.

Find your course and click to open.



Click Home Page in the course menu on the left (or open any content area).

Hover over Build Content at the top and click File.

In the Name field, type a name that will show in your course.

Click Browse Computer and select the document you want to upload.

Click Submit on the bottom right.


Hover over the plus icon (+) at the top of the course menu on the left.

Click Tool Link from the drop down menu.

Type “ Course Messages” in the Name field.

Select Course Messages from the Type field.

Check Available to Users and click Submit.



Blackboard Self-Paced Course

An updated version of the Blackboard Self-Paced course is now available. Improve your understanding of Blackboard, its tools, and how to best use them. This training is recommended for teaching with Blackboard but is optional. It is open to all faculty and instructors. Click Here to request access.


What you need to Teach Remotely

Use this checklist to ensure everything is properly set up for remote teaching.

  Course Essentials

Method Recommended Solution/Tool Video/Tutorials
Get started
Set up your courses Recycle a Course
Make your course accessible Ally - Accessibility


Method Recommended Solution/Tool Video/Tutorials
Send class announcements Announcements
Communicate with Individual Students Course Messages  
Conduct office hours virtually Coming soon


Method Recommended Solution/Tool Video/Tutorials
Provide real-time lecture remotely Zoom
Pre-record a lecture YuJa Video Management
Pre-record a voiceover presentation YuJa Video Management
Provide lectures and course materials Upload files

  Student Engagement

Method Recommended Solution/Tool Video/Tutorials
Host class discussions (asynchronous) Discussion Board  
Encourage student collaboration Discussions , Groups  
Conduct classroom polling iClicker CRS  


Method Recommended Solution/Tool Video/Tutorials
Paper assignments or projects Assignments , Gradescope , Grade Center
Check for plagiarism Safe Assign
Assign student recorded presentations YuJa Video Recordings
Deliver exams or quizzes Tests , Respondus 4.0 (Exam Authoring) , E-Exams (In-Class)
Proctor exams remotely Respondus Lockdown Browser & Monitor
Assess student discussions Discussions , Grade Center

  Evaluation & Performance

Method Recommended Solution/Tool Video/Tutorials
Grade Work Grade Center
Grade Handwritten Work Gradescope
Use rubrics for assessment Rubrics , Grade Center
Establish learning outcomes Learning Outcomes (Goals)
Retain students Retention Center
Assess "attendance" through online participation Discussions
Take attendance Attendance



UTEP Technology Support has collaborated with several software vendors to increase access for our students, faculty, and staff. Below is a list of software that can be accessed remotely from your personal device at no cost. For information on all software supported by UTEP Technology Support, please visit the Software Main Menu .

*Adobe Creative Cloud is available at no cost to Students enrolled in any of the pre-approved courses. Click on the following software links for more information.


Adobe Creative Cloud

The Adobe Suite of programs accessible through the cloud


Microsoft Office 365

Versions of Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint for Windows or Mac



Matrix manipulations, plotting functions and data, algorithms and more



Neural networks, machine learning, image processing, and more



A statistics package developed at the Pennsylvania State University



Used for interactive, or batched, statistical analysis



A general-purpose statistical software package



A qualitative data analysis computer software package


Agisoft Metashape

Photogrammetric processing of digital images generating 3D spatial data


Graphpad Prism

An analysis and graphing solution purpose-built for scientific research




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